Highway 101 and County 144 Project Wraps up in Rogers

The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced Wednesday that all four lanes on Minnesota Highway 101 and on Hennepin County Highway 144 will both be opened some time during the day. The new diverging diamond intersection (DDI) on County Road 144 under 101 will be something new for drivers … Read Full Article

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Wright County Raid Leads to N-Bomb Bust

The Wright County Sheriff's Office announced Friday that a drug investigation involving 25C-NBOMe, a hallucinogenic distributed similarly to LSD, had led to multiple arrests in the Maple Lake area. According to the sheriff's office: the Wright County … Read Full Article


Southern Barbecue Heading North to Albertville

For those lamenting food options in the St. Michael and Albertville areas, your menu just got a little sweeter, smokier and sassier all at the same time. The Albertville City Council Monday night approved a beer and wine liquor license for Hardy's Barbecue, … Read Full Article